HOT! New Green Day video - Oh Love!

Green Day (Credit: Warner Africa)
Can we hear a Hallelujah! And a AMEN! Yes, rockers Green Day has finally released their brand new video, Oh Love. As James Montgomery forMTV noted: "At this point in their career, Green Day have already conquered the world (at least twice by my unofficial count), shaken up the status quo and secured their spot on rock's Mt. Olympus. So you can't really blame them for filling their new 'Oh Love' video with gaggles of gorgeous models ... after all, it's about the only thing they haven't done yet." Billie Joe Armstrong recently told MTV News that the new trio of albums (the first, the appropriately titled ¡Uno! is out 25 September) is all about the stuff they have missed along the way. "The last two albums, American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, sort of bookend each other, and it's the end of that era," he said. "And I think with writing these three albums, we just started writing songs, just getting back to basics ... ¡Uno! is more of a power-pop record, ¡Dos! is more of a party, garage record, and ¡Tre! is sort of this epic ending ... It's kind of like going around the world in 37 songs with Green Day." And part of that journey includes "Oh Love," which Armstrong described as "shooting from the crotch area." Check out a clip from the cool VIDEO! The band will also play their new music at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday 6 September. The show airs in Africa at 17:30 CAT on Saturday 8 September on MTV.