Introducing DirtyFunk

DirtyFunk (Credit: Manni Photography)
Ladies and gentleman, we bring you DirtyFunk. Straight out of Goodwood, Cape Town, comes the freshest new addition to the South African music scene in years. The trio, consisting of Angelo "Elvis" Taylor, Dale "Chief" Johnson and Andre "Triple Threat" Machent, have been working their magic since 2010 and are now ready to take on the world. "We've been working hard to create a following and we feel ready now to burst onto the scene. It's going to be big," says Dale Johnson.Although considering themselves down to earth guys, they're living the rockstar life that blends in with their unique style and sound that is breaking the conventional hip hop/electro barriers. Performing over 70 shows to crowds as big as 7 000 people at some of SA's most respected venues, DirtyFunk is quickly establishing themselves as the group to watch.  Their first official single, Rockstar,  is set to hit radio stations all over the country in September and features the zef Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow. "These young guys have a lot of heart and killer beats. Working on this track with them was such a kief experience. Definitely keeping my eyes on them," says Jack Parow. Listen to their new track, HERE