CD REVIEW! The Killers - Battle Born

Created over the last year and a half by Vegas rockers, Battle Born is the highly anticipated 4th studio album and follow-up to 2008’s hit-spawning album Day & Age. Battle Born, named after the words emblazoned on the Nevada state flag, in addition to sharing its name with the band’s recording studio, is everything Killers fans have waited for since the band announced they would be taking a short hiatus at the start of 2010. The songs came out quickly, starting with the album’s epic lead single “Runaways,” followed by the record’s heart-string-tugging emotional gravity-center “Here With Me,” and the stadia-quaking electro-rock of “Flesh & Bone.” The guitars are heavier, the drums more powerful, the vocals more commanding – all sounding quintessentially Killers while sounding bigger and better than ever before. It is an album that, like its namesake and the band that created it, does not back down from its own strengths.