CD REVIEW! Proverb - Fourthwrite

Unless you are based in Kuvukiland, by now you should be aware of one o Africa's talented rapper with thunder rhymes who goes by the name of Proverb. Without going any further, the name, Proverb says it all… After a four year break of not releasing any music, the talented artist is back with a fresh release, Forthwrite. By now, you should by now have noticed that hip-hop has become a hip thing in the local music market and with Proverb’s new release; it can only mean that the talent has some serious songs for music lovers. On this album, the artist does not only walk, talk and dress up like a true hip hop star, his music speaks volume! On Forthwrite, Proverb is not only representing the genre that is no longer just a pigeonhole but rather a tradition - a true hip-hop representative. This album is not deep hardcore hip-hop that you might struggle to follow. The beats and vocals are flying high with easy to listen to rhymes spiced up with soothing musical takes! Taking the art to the next level, Proverb throws proper rhymes, with majesty chorus that compliment the whole storyline. One thing that stands out though the most here is the artist’s great talent – he is able to deliver even in beats that one can be convinced that they might not be easy for him. As the name says, the verbs are into play here!