Lady Starlight: A pure Rock 'n Roll chick

With the Lady Gaga tour hitting our shores soon (VERY SOON - HOPE YOU HAVE YOUR TICKETS!), The Beat had a chance to speak to Gaga's best friend and personal DJ, Lady Starlight, who will be performing alongside Mother Monster in South Africa.
Lady Starlight with her rock vinyl collection
We were asked to call Patricia Campbell. Who is this mysterious Patricia? Ha ha ha - it's my mom. I use her name when I check into hotels. I sometimes forget under which name I've checked in, but her name is the easiest to remember.
Ah, that's so sweet! So Patricia, uhh... Lady Starlight, we like your style. A pure bred rock 'n roll DJ! Yes! Woo-Hoo! I love rock 'n roll and hope through my performances to introduce the genre to other people who are not aware of it.
Where did this love for rock music started? Since my youth I've always been interested in rock music. The first vinyl LP, yes, there we no CDs back than, was a Stray Cats LP. I still do have it and might even spin some of that on my trip to South Africa.
So what can fans expect when they see Lady Starlight play in the opening act for Lady Gaga? I like to call it a 70's progressive rock show that will feature some videos I made and some music videos. It's all fun. If they audience loves it, I get more amped.
And you play only hard rock? All vinyl, heavy, classic rock. Iron Maiden is actually one of my favourite bands. Lady Gaga was just in awe by what I was doing and asked me to be on stage with her. We then just started blending ideas.
You and Lady Gaga has known each other like forever. How did you meet? When I was go-go dancing I worked at St. Jerome’s on the Lower East Side and she was dating the owner. When we met, she ran up to me and we just instantly connected. I mean, who would have imagined to Ladies in New York City!
And where does Lady Starlight come from? After the song by The Sweet.
What would you say is your role in her global success? I would say it was my style, performance art and djing that inspired her persona. I was also one who told her to take off her pants because I rarely wore any myself… Ha ha ha!
Is this your first trip to Africa? Yes! I can't believe we finally going there! I'm so excited to see and experience your beautiful country. I'm especially looking forward to see how South African art is incorporated with music, and I'm also going to try and get the feel of the local music, and the local rock scene.
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