CD REVIEW! BlackByrd - Strong

Following the phenomenal rise of the first single “All of Me”, BlackByrd has delivered the goods with a brand new album, Strong, that has the industry abuzz with excitement. The three dynamic young Capetonians that make up BlackByrd; Tarryn Lamb, Samantha Heldsinger and Tamsyn Maker, have spent the past three years working towards this moment when they can fully showcase their talent for the world to see. Produced by music-industry veteran Mike Fuller, the 14 track debut album Strong is an amazing collection of work, filled with real emotion, powerful lyrics and a strong level of genuine spirituality that’s as rare as their combined pool of talent. “We’ve grown together as a group,” Heldsinger adds. “Our sound has evolved too." "All Of Me” as well as all the tracks that make up their stellar debut are weighted in real content and messages that everyone who hears will share a genuine affinity towards.


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