CD REVIEW! DJ Choice - Casanova Vol 2

After releasing the successful projects in the past with hits such as ‘Casanova’, ‘Set Me Free’ and ‘Sky Is The Limit’, the popular spinner DJ Choice is at it again with a brand new offering, Casanova Vol 2. Let this be said that the producer who doubles as a DJ has some incredible music-making skills. One of the most important things about this release is that the producer pulled together some beats that have a lot of substance. For house music, the kick and all the percussions supporting the ensemble must be able to set the right mood - which here, was well achieved. To sharpen his sound, DJ Choice played around with some musical technology, building his own unique bass lines and other catchy sounds. Moreover, the manner in which the arrangement is done here, tells me that the brother spent a lot of time perfecting this latest offering. Following recent house music trends, he also does a few songs that incorporate electro-sound. Thumbs up to that! It certainly shows that the talent didn’t turn a blind eye on sounds that are currently moving the masses. The skill that stands out the most is the superb arrangement! The spinner knows how to set a party scene. This is one of the few local house projects I have fallen in love with. It is written all over that with this album, DJ Choice is not interested in half done job or manga-manga businesses, this release is on FAYA!