Justin Bieber is just pissed off with . . .Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Holy cow! How bizarre is this.. Justin Bieber is angry. The 50-year old carpenter from Lewiston, Maine, USA is sick to death of little girls trying to add him on Facebook, reports music-news.com. In his ABOUT section, the elder Bieber writes: 'My name is Justin Bieber and it has been for 50 years, I am not some punk ass singer homosexual but because some little ass bandit has the same name as me I have to use my middle name. God dammit I'm a human and I have rights too'. His biography states: 'Little girls please stop adding me I am not that little punk ass bitch and stop trying cause he likes dick. 'I am Justin Bieber, 50 year old carpenter from Ohio. I currently live in Maine. I like prostitutes, booze and cigarettes. FUCK KIDS'. The elder Bieber has added his middle name John to his name but that hasn't stopped the kiddies from trying to friend him, despite the greying, bearded man looks nothing like the teenage popstar. Mmmm....Mr Prehistoric Bieber sounds a bit conservative...scary! We're sure the younger more famous Justin Bieber is having a good chuckle at this!