The dark side of Zebra & Giraffe

It's hard to believe that it's already been two years since Zebra & Giraffe released The Inside. It's even harder to believe that it's been four years since the band recorded their hugely successful, SAMA award-winning album Collected Memories. A lot has changed since then. Members have come and gone and the band's sound has moved from straight-up, radio-hit rock to a place far darker and more daring than even they could have imagined. Zebra & Giraffe's latest album, The Wisest Ones, is the result. “We know some of the songs from this album won't be played on radio, and to a certain degree with Collected Memories and The Inside, I always worried about a song's commercial appeal,” says front man and lyricist, Greg Carlin. “With The Wisest Ones we really just wrote songs that felt right - songs that almost needed to get out. Whether they had a catchy chorus, or a chorus at all didn't really matter. That's not to say there isn't a lot of catchy stuff on this album; there is. We just haven't been afraid to experiment with our sound and push ourselves with this album. It still sounds like us; like Zebra & Giraffe; but it's definitely darker, noisier, and lyrically, a lot more honest.”