CD REVIEW! Khaya - For You

Idols winner Khaya hit the ground running following his record breaking success during the Season 8 final. For the past 4 weeks Khaya has been tirelessly working with 5 top notch production teams on his debut album, “For You”. The is a collection of contemporary songs especially written for the album by some of the biggest writers in the world including Taio Cruz, Susan Youngblood and Mayaeni as well as half a dozen self-penned compositions including the moving ballad” Why” and “This love”. Stylistically the album flits between the classic soul/R&B stylings of the first single “`Lil means a lot” (featuring rap superstar Proverb) , the funk inflected “Every little thing” and “Break it clean” as well as Khaya`s stunning reinterpretation of Nicky Minaj` “Superbass” (as seen on Idols). Other highlights include his cover of Billy Preston`s 1970 Number 1 hit “That`s the way God planned it” and his current Number 1 single “Move”.