CD REVIEW! Various - Pump Up The 90s

With the market flooded with various 80s compilation CDs, this release is a fresh of breath air, or something like that. The 3 disc compilation, Pump Up The 90s,  features tracks that haven’t been featured on South African albums for years. It's a unique 90’s compilation of 63 tracks of songs that were one hit wonders and others that has fans of pop and club music of the 1990s girating on the dancefloors. With Christmas around the corner, this will make a nifty gift and features artists like 2 Unlimited, Snap!, Basement Jaxx, Ace Of Bace, Dr. Alban, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Moloko and The Prodigy. A good listening experience for those who were in their teens in the 1990s.