Chris Martin "not as good as Angus Stone"

Chris Martin

Coldplay singer Chris Martin says he was bought down to size by a sick kid at the Sydney Children's Hospital who said he wasn't as good as native born Australian singer and songwriter Angus Stone. reports that rockers Coldplay played at Sydney's Allianz Stadium on Saturday and Sunday when Chris Martin told the story of visiting the Children's Hospital only to be given a dose of reality from the kid. "You guys are good but not as good as Angus Stone," the kid said. "I said I don't know who that is. So I'd like to dedicate this song to Angus Stone who brought me back down to Earth. Everyone I have spoken with says he is great so thank you to that kid for making be feel from a billion dollars right back down to $2." He then dedicated 'Warning Sign' to Angus and the Kid.