The X Factor USA - Emblem 3

Emblem 3
Ok, so this season of The X-Factor USA has been a blast, all thanks to Britney Spears joining the judges. The contestants have been better than expected, but there is one true gem in the contestants: a new boy band called Emblem 3. Hotter than Westlife and Backstreet Boys combine! You might not know this, but you have Simon Cowell to thank for the very existence of One Direction. He formed the British-Irish boy band on the The X Factor UK, and it sounds like he might have struck gold again — stateside, this time — with Emblem 3! Speaking to and other reporters Nov. 1, Simon drew comparisons between the global phenomenon and the budding pop trio. “The boys of Emblem 3 do remind me, in a lot of ways, of when I started working with One Direction,” Simon said. “It was this self-confidence, having fun, wanting to win, but at the same time kind of difficult to manage. But I like that. I have fun working with them, I really do. And they are infectious.”