The Killers' creepy new fantastic video

A creepy looking Winona Ryder in The Killers video
Las Vegas rockers The Killers have roped in legendary movie director Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Frankenweenie) again to produce and film their latest music video, Here With Me. He also worked with the band on their Bones video in 2006. In the new video, actor Craig Roberts  becomes fascinated with a freak show mannequin that occasionally morphs into . . . Winona Ryder, complete with backstage autograph hounds!  The visuals reportedly were inspired by the 1935 film “Mad Love” to amplify the sentiment expressed by singer Brandon Flowers that “I don’t want your picture…. I want you here with me." Tim also offers a nod or two to suspense master Alfred Hitchcock. The freakiest part of the video is probably the end when Craig kidnaps the mannequin, sits her at a table for two, takes her hairpiece off to reveal a candle wick and set it alight, and he takes his place opposite her and take his hair off to also reveal a candle wick and sets it alight as well! And he looks just like Uncle Fester from Adams Family in that shot! Have a look at the video, HERE!