CD REVIEW! Josh Groban - All That Echoes

With his sixth album, All That Echoes, crooner Josh Groban has at once built on the touchstone artistry that has made him a global pop star for more than a decade and expanded his ambitious reach into richly rewarding new territory. And Grobanites (fans of Josh, as they're called) will be pleasantly surprised with this CD. The inspiring first single “Brave” shows off his accomplished, personal song writing as one of seven songs on the album he co-wrote. Most of what’s on the album was from the first few takes of each song, with the spontaneous spirit intact. Even the full orchestra parts, added later, expanded directly from the music created by the three strings players in the initial sessions. And the vibe extended outside the studio. “It’s a musical camaraderie, not just showing up for a gig,” Josh explains. Groban was inspired to push himself as a writer, expanding on the achievements on Illuminations, the first album to be centred on his own compositions. “Brave” saw him team with long-time collaborator Tawgs Salter and singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk.