Chris Chameleon's Droomland

Chris Chameleon never ceases to amaze with his innovative and interesting musical offerings. His latest release “Droomland” (DVD and CD) features the Drakensberg Boys Choir and was recorded in the theatre of the Sudwala Caves in Mpumalanga. Fourty five of the choir`s top students joined forces with the magnetic Chris Chameleon and the sold out show titled “In Dreams” inspired the title of the CD and DVD “Droomland.” This latest offering takes you on a journey of exquisite aural and visual magnificence.  Bringing these two incredible musical forces together is a rare and special thing. The caves form a beautiful and unique backdrop and the production is of the highest quality.  “Droomland” is simply an extraordinary must have for any music lover`s collection. Chris Chameleon was excited about performing with the “Drakies” and said it was a childhood dream of his to be part of this special boys choir of heavenly voices. “As a child it was always a dream of mine to be in the Drakies, but due to my mom’s circumstances  I could not join.” Chameleon said. Apart from the well-known classical songs that they performed together, Chris also motivated the Drakensberg Boys Choir to collaborate on the track “Chamion”,  from his monki- punk Boo! days, which resulted in fun and humorous “choirpunk.”