Depeche Mode unhappy with Brit Awards snub

Depeche Mode
British electro pop/rock wizards Depeche Mode have confessed that they're disappointed about never receiving the 'Outstanding Contribution' award at the Brits, reports Digital Spy. The prize has been given a second year off in 2013, but the band admitted that they are not sure whether they would accept the award if it was handed to them. "We'd like to be offered, though whether we'd accept it is another thing," synth player Andy Fletcher told the Daily Star. "In 2011 the Brits didn't have an 'Outstanding Achievement' award either. Quite a lot of people who previously won it said we should've got it." He added: "I don't know why we don't get considered. But we have a lot of fans here still, so we can't complain too much." Depeche Mode will release their 13th studio album in March and will support the record with a new European tour. Maybe they will even visit South Africa, who knows.