DJ Naaldekoker & Goodluck’s HOT new video

DJ Naaldekoker
DJ Naaldekoker has teamed up with Meredith and Ricky Aylward from Murg Film Design with regards to the concept and execution behind the video for his first single, The Meltdown feat Goodluck. DJ Naaldekoker had the following to say about the inspiration for both the lyrics and the video: “The lyrics of the song were inspired by an event that took place in Uganda where a woman and her child were taken hostage by a man and kept in a basement. They were held and tortured for years before he eventually set the building on fire with them in it. This sad event inspired thought about how different the outcome could have been. The video is therefore directly related to the lyrics in the song. The video depicts a woman character that is badly abused by her partner until she takes her revenge. The abuse reaches a point where it's clearly either his life or hers and she takes matters into her own hands.” Watch the hot video, HERE!