Linkin Park's favourite pranks

Mike Shinoda
Fans expect rock stars to live like rock stars and behave like rock stars. With that meaning, getting drunk, groupies, girls, throwing stuff from hotel rooms - the list is endless. So it comes as no surprise when Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda told Kerrang! magazine of some of the 'pranks' the band gets up to when touring. "There was a time when my band and crew - but particularly the crew - had a favourite prank. In the middle of the night they'd remove all the furniture from somebody's room and do one of two things with it," he explained. "They'd either put it all in the elevator, so when the doors opened literally everything would be in there, like something out of a cartoon. Or they would wait until one of the guys in the crew got drunk enough, remove all the furniture, and set it up outside the hotel in the exact same positions. They'd move the guy as well, so when he woke up all his furniture was in the same place but there were no walls, and he'd be looking around, wondering what the hell was going on." Mike has also been guilty of partying a little too hard when away with the band. He recalled an incident when he managed to lose all the other guys after one too many drinks. "I managed to lose my entire band in Tokyo once," he laughed. "We were in this club where they served beer in these tiny little cups and you couldn't keep track of how much you were drinking... I sat down on the kerb, and the next thing I know I'm waking up again at 4am on my own in the back streets of Tokyo."