Stefan Ludik’s addiction to beats, life and music

Fans of the Afrikaans soap Binneland knows Stefan Ludik as the character Gustaf Kemp. Stefan became a house hold name as the boytjie from Namibia in Big Brother Africa in 2003 and soon afterwards landed a role in the soap, Egoli as straight-talking legal eagle Werner Kranz.  But Stefan is much more than an actor, he is also a bloody damn good and brilliant musician! The Beat caught up with Stefan to chat about music, media, and what pisses him off.
Stefan Ludik
Hey Stefan, how you doing? All good and ready for this new year!
I really like your song Disappear/Suzuki Swift Song. So give us the inside scoop - where did the idea of the song come from? Thanks! I wrote this song with Namibia in mind and also my main sponsor Suzuki Auto Namibia. There are some never-ending and beautiful roads in Namibia I've driven with my Suzuki cars. I especially pictured the road along the coast of Namibia where you get the Namib dunes on one side and the ocean on the other.
It has a very catchy club vibe to it - is club style something you can relate to? Definitely! I love working with and listening to a whole lot of different styles and genres.
 Is this any indication what fans can expect from your new material? Yes, an experiment and mix-up a few different styles in my music. From Hip Hop to Rock to Dubstep and Dance.
Talking about new stuff, when will you release a new CD? My time is very limited this year. I do acting full time now and music on weekends so I don't have time to work on a full album now. I just finish a few singles in my spare-time.
Your new songs, how much involved are you with creating new tracks? I write and compose everything myself. I do pre-production at my little home studio and then go and pimp it out at a professional studio with the right gear and equipment. 
If possible, what direction will your new music have and is there any specific reason for this? I try and incorporate influences and sounds from where I come from, Namibia and also incorporate what I hear and see on tv internationally. My dream is to travel with my music and connect and relate to people from all walks of life. On my Facebook music page I have quite a lot of people from countries outside Africa who enjoy my music so I want to give them what they like with a Ludik twist.
What music appeals to you? I grew up with good old rock and roll. Queen, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Moody Blues and so on. In essence I'm a die-hard rock and roller, but I love music and how it's produced. So I can appreciate and listen to any style of music.
Any surprises fans can expect to hear? I did some cool collaborations on a few songs with Gazza who is a big Namibian Kwaito artist and Gal Level, an award winning girl group also from Namibia. The songs we did is a mixture of urban and Hip Pop R&B. It's quite unique sounding with my Rock vocals and their R&B style singing. Another surprise is that I also rap on a few songs. Check out Black Girl, White Boy, Kick it up a gear, Keep it real and Thug Life.
Besides music, what else have you been up to? Acting, business and charity work with my Stefan Ludik Youth Fund, where we try and support Namibian children in need. I'm also the ambassador for a new endurance race called The Warrior Race. (
Any TV shows and/or movies in the works? Unfortunately I can’t play on any other series or movie other than Binnlenad at the moment.
On a personal level, you communicate quite often with your fans on Facebook, but how do feel about media intrusion into your personal life? I don't involve media and public in my personal life.
What would you allow to get published/aired and what would just piss you off? My music, work and TV work is relevant, but relationship news and preferences are irrelevant. If that gets published without my permission that would piss me off :)
What has been the most outrageous story you've ever heard or read about yourself? There's been quite a few.. I've been married on two occasions and that I've been arrested. In both cases the public couldn't separate me in the "real life" from TV characters and story lines I've played.
2013 is still in its infant shoes, but what are your 5 main goals for the year? Happiness, health, love, music and money.
What's your motto you live by? What you give in life, you get back.
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