Willow Smith's awesome, yet, sad new song

Willow Smith
Everyone gets the blues and when a music star gets the blues, you can expect great songs. But the 12-year-old Willow Smith singing an awesome, yet, sad song? True! I wasn't expecting to hear the voice behind "Whip My Hair" belt them out for at least a couple more years. So when I queued up Willow Smith's new single, "Sugar and Spice," expecting another jammy jam, and not a weepy ballad tracked to a Radiohead sample. Frankly, I am so impressed and surprised that Smith would use such a downbeat song (specifically, "Codex" from Radiohead's 2011 King Of Limbs) at her young age. The song is vastly different from her biggest hit Whip My Hair from 2010, which tattooed itself into the brains of millions of people around the world with Crazy Frog effectiveness.