Get your ghetto swag on with Thrift Shop

A couple of months ago I got an urgent SMS from my youngest sister in Australia: "Go listen to the song Thrift Shop and watch the video. It's HOT!" I'm always interested when I get a message like that because she has a touch for picking hit songs before they're a hit. I listened to the song and LOVED the video! And now it's a huge radio hit here in South Africa. Seattle rapper Macklemore gets ghetto fab - "Thrift Store" style - in his latest single about ... well, shopping at the thrift store. It's a must-see for those lookin' to be fly on the cheap: In the video, Macklemore and producer pal Ryan Lewis scour area thrift stores for everything from fur coats to batman pyjamas to cowboy jackets ... straight BALLER. The track and its hilarious lyrics and sax-tastic beat appear on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' new album, The Heist, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200. Thrift Shop is a viral sensation that's funny and captures the hipster zeitgeist perfectly and it's a hip-hop song with some naughty words... Watch the video for the song, HERE!