Skrillex goes to Langa


The six- time Grammy Award winner and local artist Niskerone will be offering a special free workshop on Thursday, 28 February in Langa, Cape Town, South Africa. In conjunction with Bridges for Music non-profit organization, Skrillex will conduct a session about bass music, technology and his achievements in the industry. Skrillex, shows his willingness to share his knowledge and engage with young local DJs and producers.  The workshop will be the second held by Bridges for Music at the Langa Cultural Center, known as Guga S´thebe, following the great success of the first one with Richie Hawtin and Black Coffee two weeks ago. The purpose of these sessions is to enrich the local music culture, exposing it to new sounds, local and international artists, and creating a creative and cultural experience through music. Moving forward Electric will join Bridges for Music to explore new social projects through the music industry. Skrillex will be in South Africa, as part of his international Mothership Tour, on 1 to the 3rd of March, performing in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. For more information see