CD REVIEW! Depeche Mode - Delta Machine

Electro synth outfit Depeche Mode will most definitely win new fans with their 13th CD, Delta Machine. Unlike their previous CD, Sounds Of The Universe, Delta Machine taps into elements of their previous legendary CDs Violator (1990), Songs of Faith And Devotion (1993) and even their debut CD Speak & Spell (1981) and their sophomore CD, A Broken Frame (1982). The band was known for their melodic pop sounds, but for their past CD releases opted to go for atmospheric and themed sounds. The new CD relies heavy on a bluesy influence which works 100%. Songs like Slow, Soft Touch/Raw Nerve and Should Be Higher almost take their sound to perfection. Although there is no big radio hit in the collection of songs, which was so evident in their 80s and early 90s releases, Delta Machine is a solid CD which is well suited for a matured band. As explains, "Delta Machine is anchored in unmistakeable qualities: sinewy electro production; Dave Gahan’s anguished growl (opening track Welcome To My World casts off tranquillisers and drama queens); Martin Gore’s brilliant brainstorms. It’s comfortingly (and seductively) bleak." Now do yourself a favour, and go and buy the CD, you won't be disappointed!