HOT STUFF! Depeche Mode live on Letterman

Martin Gore and Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode
It was like a dark cigar smoke filled venue somewhere in a New Orleans blues bar when Depeche Mode took to the stage in about 3 years. The best part was that it wasn't New Orleans but the Ed Sullivan Theater for Live On Letterman. The band did a 45 minute show  where they performed new songs and old hits such as "Should Be Higher," "Personal Jesus," "Walking in My Shoes," and "Angel". The familiar strains of Martin Gore's guitar lick on "Personal Jesus" caused the crowd to erupt with joy. The new songs are proving themselves instantly. "Soft Touch/Raw Nerve" and "Soothe My Soul" kept the crowd in Depeche Mode's thrall before they ended the evening by playing their hit "Enjoy the Silence." Most fans agree that the classics in Depeche Mode's catalog sound as relevant as they ever did and the new album is hotly anticipated. “I’m really looking forward to getting out there and performing. There are so many die hard Depeche Mode fans who have been with us every step of this journey that I can’t wait to see. I also hope that we gain some new fans with the release of "Delta Machine" and I look forward to exposing them to a great Depeche Mode live performance,” said Dave Gahan. What I LOVED about the show was that it had this bluesy kind of feel to it and of course, the new songs which came across so good live! Depeche, which was ranked by VH1 at no. 98 on his list of the "100 Greatest Artists of All Time, sounded good live – rejuvenated and back to old form. The new Depeche Mode CD, Delta Machine, is out on 26 March. Watch the broadcast of the show, HERE!