Lady Gaga's Mad Hatter tea party

Lady Gaga...tea for anyone?
And I thought I was the only one a bit loony around here, but it seems not! Lady Gaga is throwing a Mad Hatter tea party for her birthday party, reports The singer's boyfriend Taylor Kinney and her friends are organising the themed bash to celebrate her turning the age of 27 on Thursday 28 March. The eccentric star is known for her love of delicate china and has even incorporated the look into her outfits in the past. "Gaga's always been obsessed with taking tea and tea sets on tour to keep her happy, so they are putting a smile on her face with this Alice In Wonderland-themed do," a source told British newspaper The Sun. The insider revealed Gaga was gifted a Victorian poison bottle for the occasion, which was inspired by her recent beauty launch. Apparently she is interested in the intricate designs on the vintage containers. "She's been collecting the antique blue and green glass containers after creating her Fame perfume, as she loves the morbid look of the skull and crossbones logo on the bottles," the source added. We love you Gaga!