Michael Bublé: "I only write drunk"

Michael Bublé
Crooner Michael Bublé has joked that he never writes songs when he is sober, reports music-news.com. The Canadian music star is currently promoting his new album To Be Loved and has discussed his song writing process. Musicians often have a unique way of letting their creative juices flow and Michael claims that alcohol helped him find inspiration for his new song It's a Beautiful Day. "I have always written these songs about love, or loss or longing. I just sat down at the piano and I started to work on this tune and the lyrics just came right out. I was drunk, that's the truth. I have never written anything sober in my life. I think if I tried to write sober," he laughed to BBC News. "I thought this is a great concept, I am going to write this song about a guy whose girlfriend thinks she's the greatest and dumps him. And he realises that once she is gone, his life gets so much better." The 37-year-old star insists the song isn't based on personal experience. Michael is happily married to Luisana Lopilato and the Argentine actress-and-model is currently expecting the couple's first baby, a boy. As well as new tracks, Michael has also covered some of his favourite songs for the new album. He teamed up with Reese Witherspoon for a rendition of the classic Frank and Nancy Sinatra duet Something Stupid and was impressed by the Oscar-winning actress' talent in the studio. "I had gone through the singers I knew, like Adele and Katy Perry, and my manager said, 'What about Reese Witherspoon?' because both of us were absolutely fascinated by Walk the Line, he explained. "She walked into the studio and nailed it, there was no messing around or having to piece things together. "To Be Loved is Michael's sixth studio album and will be released worldwide next month.