New Daft Punk CD out in May!

Robot boys, Daft Punk
The robot guys are back! French dance duo Daft Punk (the two guys dress as robots for live performances) have finally confirmed details of the new CD - Random Access Memories will be coming out 21 May. This is the band's long awaited follow-up to 2010's Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Random Access Memories is available for pre-order on iTunes. The site indicates that there will be 13 tracks on the album, but the titles are not yet listed. Vinyl and CD copies can be pre-ordered through the band's new website for the album. The duo gave fans a taste things to come with a teaser video, and what we've seen and heard, it's gonna rock like any other Daft Punk CD. It's electronic dance music at it's best and done in a typical Daft Punk sty. What the teaser for the CD, HERE!