Rapper in critical condition in hospital

US rapper Lil Wayne is in the hospital again in critical condition, it has been reported by Cover Media. The rapper was allegedly taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital where he spent several hours being treated for seizures Tuesday night. TMZ reports Lil Wayne was found unconscious in his room by one of his bodyguards, just hours after his release early Wednesday morning. Apparently, he was rushed to the same Los Angeles medical centre, but this time the star did not come to his senses. It is said that he is “unstable” and in an induced coma. Sources tell the website the musician’s body has been tied down with restraints because he is “shaking uncontrollably”. The scene has been described as “violent”. PIt is thought Lil Wayne went on a “Sizzurp binge” on Wednesday. The concoction, also known as Purple Drank, includes prescription strength cough syrup containing codeine as its primary ingredient. Lil Wayne is rumoured to have gotten his stomach pumped three times to expunge his system of the opiate.