Beyoncé’s Crazy HOT Pepsi Commercial

Beyoncé dancing with her alter egos in the commercial
Ok, I'm sold. Whatever Beyoncé drink, I will follow. Seriously. Queen Bey released her hot new Pepsi commercial and she pays tribute to all of her most famous music video looks like Crazy In Love, Single Ladies, and more. In the video called “Mirrors,” Beyoncé is dancing in a room surrounded by mirrors. Then all of a sudden she’s staring at herself, but from when she sang “Bootylicious” with Destiny’s Child in 2001. Then it flashes to herself from when she sang “Crazy In Love,” in 2003 then of course her hot 2008 “Single Ladies” getup with her glove. She also pays tribute to “Deja Vu” from 2006 and “Love On Top” from 2011. There’s only one thing to say, Beyoncé looks fierce! So, how about a Pepsi, please? Watch the commercial, HERE!