Daft Punk's new definition of Electronic Dance Music

While no music of Daft Punk's new highly anticipated CD, Random Access Memories is available ahead of its release, Sony Music's Director Paul Thackwray was lucky enough to have an advanced listening session, and he’s described it as “a masterpiece”. The audio on this album has been painstakingly constructed and constitutes 100% originally analogue and digital sound’s impeccably woven together into a considerable body of work. ‘Random Access Memories’ will define a new standard of music production in the EDM world .... but is also just a great funk/disco album with huge radio singles on it that have every chance of powerfully impacting  radio. The best place to get info on the album ahead of its release is through the collaborator series project on http://randomaccessmemories.com/. It is inspiring and informative! You’ll get great insight into the album! In case you don’t know them, here’s some detail regarding the collaborators on this album announced so far: Giorgio Moroder (a disco/dance producer legend); Todd Edwards (a house music vocal sampling wizard); and Nile Rodgers (guitarist, composer & producer supreme).