DVD! Die Heuwels Fantasties – Live op Paul Cluver

Die Heuwels Fantasties
Surrounded by wine lands and sunshine, local rockers Die Heuwels Fantasties delivers a dazzling performance directly to their fans’ living rooms.  The performance was filmed at the Bloekombos Amphitheatre on the Paul Cluver estate in the magical Elgin Valley. “We have wanted to perform there for a while and when the opportunity presented itself after the release of our third album, Alles Wat Mal Is, we jumped at the chance to record it. The wonderful thing about this DVD is that it covers tracks from across our whole discography all rolled into one. It was wonderful and the weather was great.  We’d like to thank everyone that made this possible,” says Pierre Greeff, lead singer of Die Heuwels Fantasties. This DVD is definitely a must-have for each collection. Die Heuwels Fantasies will take old and young on a trip to a wonderful place where anything is possible. Bonus material includes Verraadplaas, Buitenste Ruim, Modus Operandi, Heel te Mal, Beloofde Land, Rofstoeigreep, and Die Volkslied.Get the DVD from 10 May!