Backstreet Boys back with new CD and song

Backstreet Boys
In a time where boy bands are actually a thing of the 90s, there seems to be one boy, or now men, band that has withstood the test of time - The Backstreet Boys. With a new album due next month, the Backstreet Boys amped up the anticipation by premiering the title track and first single, "In a World Like This." The song is uptempo in the same way as the 1997 single "As Long As You Love Me," and is about discovering love when it's needed most. "In a world like this / Where some back down / I know we're gonna make it," the reunited fivesome croon in the song's chorus. "In a time like this when love's 'round/ I know we got to take it." The Backstreet Boys are celebrating 20 years in the music industry with the release of In a World Like This on 30 July and will begin touring with DJ Pauly D and Jesse McCartney on 2 August. Of course, these guys aren't the same youngsters we fell in love with 20 years ago. Said 41-year-old Kevin Richardson, "We've grown up, our fans have grown up. Now four of us have kids, four of us are married, Nick’s engaged, we have a lot more to talk about now." But don't think that we're not going to see those old fun BSB dance moves we watched at their concerts, screaming while tears streamed down our faces. Oh, wait. Was that just me? AJ said, "We're bringing back old choreography, stuff that people haven't seen in probably 15 years, from the hat routine to the original 'As Long As You Love Me' mic routine."