Double whammy for our own DJ Naaldekoker!

DJ Naaldekoker (Credit: VNeS Photography)
DJ Naaldekoker’s first two singles The Meltdown featuring Goodluck and Ek Smaak Jou featuring JR were instant radio hits and garnered him a loyal and growing fan base. Now he will prove that he is no fly-by-night DJ with the release of his breath-taking new single, Lost in Here featuring ISO’s Richard Brokensha. “I’m a massive fan of Richard, and of his work in both ISO and kidofdoom. He has a very distinctive voice and that’s definitely something I look out for when selecting artists to collaborate with. Along with his great voice, Richard is a pro. He brought an amount of perfectionism to the process, making sure his takes were absolutely perfect before giving them the go ahead. We wanted to create something light, but with an edge, and after many hours of working on shaping and fine-tuning the track, I’ve ended up with something that I am proud to present: My third single, DJ Naaldekoker feat Richard Brokensha, titled Lost in Here,” says DJ Naaldekoker. In other great news, DJ Naaldekoker is the latest find for top Australian electro label, Central Station Records. He has recently been signed to the label and will be releasing his tracks internationally in the near future. This is a great opportunity for Cape Town’s DJ Naaldekoker to represent South Africa in one of the biggest Electronic Dance Music scenes in the world. Australia is considered the mecca of electronic dance music worldwide, known for hosting some of the world’s biggest electronic music festivals such as Big Day Out, Parklife and Creamfields. The world’s best producers and DJ’s can be seen at these festivals, which often have more than 50 000 people in attendance.