8 Unknown Facts About Jay Z

In a recent Twitter chat with fans, rapper and hip-hop giant Jay Z (now known without the hyphen) revealed 8 interesting facts about himself. 

1. His favorite movies.

Jeremy Kravetz (@JStormKravetz) asked: "What's your favorite movie?"

The rapper replied, "Cliche, but, really great. 'Godfather2.' 'True Romance' is high on my list."

2. His biggest entrepreneurial tip.

Daniel Greenberg (@danieleric17) asked: "Biggest entrepreneurial tip you've learned?"

Jay-Z answered, "Don't listen to anyone, everybody is scared."

3. The historical figure he would want to spend the day with.

@Princess_Pink27 asked: "If you could travel back in time, which historical figure would you want to spend a day with?"

Jay-Z wrote, "Picasso Baby."

4. Music artists he enjoys outside of rap.

Robert Horton (@Obi_Wan_Robio) asked: "Outside of rap what artists or albums are you currently listening to?"

Jay-Z replied, "James Blake and some Gonj..I can't spell it, so."

5. His favourite Michael Jackson songs.

@sIowdowns asked: "What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?"

Jay-Z tweeted, "'Human Nature.'" He also added in his favorite Prince song saying, "Prince 'Dorothy Parker,'" referring to Prince's song "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker."

6. His favourite cereal.

Austin Timberlake (@Timberflake27) asked: "Mr. Jay z what's your favorite cereal?"

Jay-Z wrote, "Cap'n crunch growing up. I haven't had cereal in a bit #factsonly Crunch berries tho."

7. His favourite pasta dish of 2013.

Comedian and "Parks and Recreation" star Aziz Ansari asked: "For real, what's your favorite pasta you've had in 2013?"

Jay-Z joked, "Linguine and clam, but, you knew that!"

8. The advice he'd give to his younger self.

Great Dane (@realgreatdane) asked: "If you could tell yourself anything back before you blew up? Which by the way was ages ago. Lol. What would it be? #newrules"

Jay-Z replied, "Time is money."