The PHFAT of the land

Three maniacs from Cape Town who make Punk-Rap that smacks hard enough to make you sweat mayonnaise. PHFAT makes homemade electronic rap music that you can mosh to… homemade like DIY.  Hammered together in a garage with plastic and nails and glue and stuff. Their influences range from glitch hop to punk to rap to folk music. These guys don’t make music for the radio. This fresh and talented electronic rap crew jumped the South African music scene when they opened for Public Enemy at The Assembly in Cape Town in December 2010. Three years, two digital releases and 235 shows later, PHFAT is kicking it up to the next level with the release of their first full length album, Happiness Machines, in July 2013. The trio consist of DISCO IZRAEL - Rap Machine:  Graphic designer and MC for Cape Town-based rap groups PHFAT & Sedge Warbler. His love for fantasy, rap and hot beats inspires his creativity; SMOOTH MIKE - Rap Machine & Production Machine:  Rap and Production machine: The punk with an unquiet mind - when Mike isn't rapping he is skating down hills, surfing or digging through peoples garages looking for old synths and microphones. A sucker for education he recently finished his psychology honours and keeps threatening to study further. His favourite website is wikipedia and he also loves science; and NARCH – Beats & Production Machine: Narch is an experimental Hip-Hop producer, producing with mostly vintage analogue synthesizers; his sound is a bridge between Hip-Hop and Electronic music. A man of few words they say…. seen often in the ocean. His favourite colour is sticky aromatic green. said of the trio: “They are currently saving our souls from the stagnation of the Saturday night main stage line-up. PHFAT throws down beats that break your face on the pavement outside your house at 3am in the morning.” Watch their music video for House Of Clashes, HERE!