TOUR! Adele or Taylor Swift for South African fans?

Ok, it's time to play the guessing game again. Which big artist is going to set our local shores ablaze with a first time tour of the country...Recently, a cryptic Facebook page caught our attention: Who would you like to see in South Africa - Adele or Taylor Swift? Insider let it slip that it is indeed one of the 2 ladies, but they wouldn't say who. So, here is our analysis...Personally I hope it's Adele. It was reported in January 2013 Adele was working on a new record, although she herself later acknowledged that she would work on the next album when she "has something to sing about." But, fans have to keep in mind that Adele is now a mommy after she gave birth to a son on 19 October 2012. On the other hand, Taylor Swift is currently on tour with her Red album and she will be in Australasia in December, which make it quite likely that she is the unnamed artist that will grace our shores. I sincerely hope it's Adele, sorry Taylor Swift fans...What do you think? Who will it be? Send us our thoughts and we will publish it, maybe your voice can determine the outcome…(PS - Big Concerts, what about bringing out The Rolling Stones...they are on a world tour at the moment...)