Van Coke Kartel gears up for album number 5

Van Coke Kartel (Credit: Fred Van Leeuwen)
Local kick-ass rockers Van Coke Kartel is almost ready to unleash their latest CD to the masses. Since the release of their fourth studio album, Wie’s Bang, Van Coke Kartel has been on top of their game.  They are one of the most talked about rock acts in South Africa. They have been dominating the charts, winning endless awards, touring nationally and internationally, they release spectacular music videos and have become a must-see at top local music festivals. In spite of their hectic schedule, Van Coke Kartel felt inspired to start working on new material soon after the release of Wie’s Bang in November 2011. Producer Theo Crous was the obvious choice and after a production meeting a conscious decision was made to write and record material as it came about. The goal was to capture the energy of the band by playing the songs live during the recording and to record the new material over a period of time. This approach will give the album a more diverse flavor as the music is written over a period and not in just a few months. ‘’We have always put time aside to write an album and only after we have the collection of songs we would start recording. The recording will be done in a month. This time we want to capture what is happening in our lives and around us over a period and not just in a few months. By doing this the final collection of songs promises to be more complex and exciting and a greater listening experience, ’’ says Wynand Myburgh, bassist for Van Coke Kartel. "Recording the songs as a band jamming it out in the studio also helps to capture that special energy that makes us Van Coke Kartel,’’ says Jedd Kossew, lead guitarist. "In the past we would complete the writing process before entering the studio to record and shape the songs. The songs will all be written within a few months and a lot more one dimensional with a general theme. This time we want it to be different, ’’ says Francois Van Coke. The first three tracks were recorded at Bellville Studios in September 2012. Since then Van Coke Kartel has recorded a total of seven tracks and will be returning to the studio to record another three songs before the end of July 2013. The album will be completed in time for the release date - 27 September 2013.