Jack Parow detained before Oppikoppi BewilderBeast

Jack Parow was detained in the early hours of this morning on charges of allegedly disturbing the peace.  Parow and some friends were staying at the Vaalkop dam 60 km South East of Northam where the popular Oppikoppi BewilderBeast music festival is taking place this weekend.  Parow and a friend took a catamaran out on a joy ride on the dam at about 1:30 am on Wednesday morning. After repeated requests over loud hailers Parow and his friend finally returned to shore. Both co-operated and came quietly, but repeatedly tried to explain to the authorities that they had simply “borrowed” the boat. Parow and his friend are currently being detained for public disorder and disturbing the peace. Jack Parow was scheduled to perform at the Oppikoppi festival on Sunday, and is currently unavailable for comment.