Lady Gaga's drag club 'madness'

Mother Monster, Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga's Applause video was 'spur of the moment', reveals a drag queen to Mother Monster released the music promo for her new single from album ARTPOP this week, which features cross-dressing performers. Gaga and her Haus of Gaga entourage visited Micky's nightclub in West Hollywood, California to capture footage for the video. Famed female impersonator Shannel had no idea she was going to be in it initially, as Gaga appeared at the venue unexpectedly. "It was very last minute, spur of the moment. We knew nothing about it,' told MTV News. "She just sat there in the crowd, just as a regular spectator, and then it just became a lot more interactive [when she came on stage and] that got the crowd really up and going. And then birthdays came around and she started singing to all the people onstage. It was great!" Shannel admits the crowd got a little carried away with excitement while watching Gaga sing. The drag queen believes no one expected the superstar to interact so intimately with fans. "Madness! It was lots and lots of energy! To the audiences' perspective, it was this completely overwhelming thing that kind of came," she explained. "It sealed the deal [when she jumped onstage]. Like 'Whoa, she's raised human' and she doesn't have to have a bodyguard on her every second of the moment, [she has] her own free will and spirit and all of that. It was pretty cool."