Report: Lady Gaga 'Applause' single flops

Mother Monster, Lady Gaga
It must have been a mother of a monster weekend for the one and only Mother Monster. According to the many prominent websites declared Lady Gaga's latest musical offering, Applause, a big flop. "Showbiz411 notes that "Applause" has already fallen to number 4 on iTunes and number 8 on Amazon. Perhaps other artists wouldn't be upset, but Lady Gaga had declared "Applause" as the song of the decade. Radio stations are getting poor feedback for the song as well," states the "Interscope is taking action by rush-releasing a second single "Swine" on September 1. This isn't good. Releasing two singles more than two months ahead of the "ARTPOP" album release spells disaster. Lady Gaga isn't taking the news too well. She has gone on a Twitter meltdown, even trying to drag Madonna and Perez Hilton down with her. The worst part about Lady Gaga's flop is that sales and Youtube numbers have been inflated. Mother Monster held a contest that gave incentives to fans who downloaded "Applause" the most and pressed the Refresh button on her YouTube video several thousand times. Several Gaga fans are even turned off." It is reported that Katy Perry's new song Roar sold 450 000 digital copies by the end of last week, where Lady Gaga's Applause only managed to sell 200 000 by the end of the weekend. No Applause here....