Daft Punk says hello to disco with new video

Watching the latest video offering from Daft Punk for their song Lose Yourself to Dance, it is a full-fledged return to the disco days. The video has a full "Soul Train" revival feel to it. The helmeted French duo play keyboard and bass, guitarist and "Random Access Memories" collaborator Nile Rodgers strums a clean rhythm and a sunglassed Pharrel Williams croons front and center. The dance floor is filled, of course, but focus on the dancers' fashion: 1970s caps and wide-lapelled leather jackets, white turtlenecks, spangled western shirts rule the floor, a long way from the T-shirted masses filling most spaces these days. As the video progresses, the band is gradually revealed to be performing at the tip of a pyramid, a reference to their era-defining live set of the late '00s. This pyramid, though, consists not of flashing video screens but human disco dancers celebrating life, lost within music. Even the poster of the video has a 70's styled Star Wars feel to it. Pretty damn good, boys!