simfy africa announces most popular songs, user stats following its first birthday

simfy Africa, which has now passed the all important milestone of one year live to market in South Africa, has announced its charts for its first year.  The service launched in August 2012, as the first music streaming service to go live in South Africa, and has gained in popularity ever since.   Users are clearly enjoying the range of content, with over 20 million tracks to choose from, and this shows in the diversity of the charts. Pop darlings Fun. head up the list with their huge hit ‘Some Nights’, followed by the ever popular Mumford & Sons with ‘I Will Wait’.  The #1 song at the end of 2012 ‘Runaways’ by The Killers came in at #5 overall, followed by the top SA artist Jimmy Nevis with ‘Heartboxing’. Jimmy Nevis was delighted to hear this news, saying “I am grateful to simfyafrica for giving me the platform to share my music, and blessed to have such amazing fans who support me, as a South African artist. Thank you and Happy Birthday to simfyafrica! Here’s to another successful year ahead.” Pop dominates the chart with strong showings from Bruno Mars, Toya deLazy, Daft Punk and The Lumineers.  P!nk is the only artist to be featured twice on the chart.  Rock and Alternative are also very popular with a strong showing from Jack Johnson, Van Coke Kartel and Linkin Park. simfy africa is delighted to announce that  5 of the Top 25 songs are from South African artists.  This is a clear nod of approval to the immense emphasis that the service has placed on its South African catalogue since launch.  A special mention goes to ISO, iFani and LCNVL who made the top 50. Top Album – Unsurprisingly the top album is ‘Babel’ by Mumford & Sons, followed by ‘The Truth About Love’ by P!nk.  Honours for the top South African album go to ‘Wilder as die Wildtuin’ by Die Heuwels Fantasties. Die Heuwels Fantasties commented:  “It is such a surprise and honour that our favourite Die Heuwels Fantasties album is the most streamed local album on your site! Thank you simfy africa for being the first streaming service in our market and for your support – also to those of you who are listening… “Musiek is geniet!”- Pierre Greeff, Die Heuwels Fantasties. Top Artist – The most popular artist is Mumford & Sons, closely followed by Linkin Park and P!nk.  The most popular South African artist is Jimmy Nevis, followed by Kongos and Joyous Celebration.  Jimmy Nevis holds a particularly strong connection to simfy Africa, as he emerged as the very first South African artist to enter the Top 10 after launch. It has been an exciting year for content at simfy Africa including exclusives from indie rockers Imagine Dragons, MS MR, the Graeme Watkins Project and much more. Also check out the upcoming exclusive pre-stream of the new Van Coke Kartel album Bloed, Sweet & Trane which will allow simfy users to log in on the 30th September to hear 5 tracks from the album, a full week before the official release date.
Simfy africa’s users are clearly loving the service, and are listening to a significant amount of music.  The ‘Top User’ listened to the equivalent of 93 full days of music in the year [equivalent to 2231 hours of music];  followed by the next user at 78 days of music in the year [equivalent to 1873 hours of music]. A recent birthday promotion measured the amount of music listened to in one weekend.  The winner clocked up 798 plays over the three days, which is 53.5 hours of music. The service is closing in on 7 million overall plays by its users since launch, with more than 60 000 playlists created in total.  Users have downloaded all formats of their apps, but the Desktop App is the clear favourite so far.  In terms of platforms and devices, the iPhone is the most popular, followed by Android and BlackBerry.  In terms of features, users are really buying into the offline facility which allows them to listen to tracks without an internet connection.  Also popular is the new ‘low bandwidth feature’ which reduces the amount of data required by an impressive 2/3 [two thirds].  This feature is currently available on simfy africa’s mobile apps with the exception of Android, which will have this feature added in the next two weeks.