VIDEO REVIEW! Britney Spears - Work Bitch

Does this look like Brit Brit or a younger version of Katherine Kelly Lang?
I swear on my CD collection that while watching the new Brit Brit video for her new single, Work Bitch, that in certain shots she looked exactly like Katherine Kelly Lang, that is now soap speak for the wild child Brooke Logan from the soap The Bold And The Beautiful. But then I realised it was actually Brit Brit as Katherine would never be so slutty wild in her videos. Honestly, their is never a dull moment in the video for the club banger tune - it's everything but tame. Brit wiggles like a snake in spasm in the dessert, show scenes where her own perfume is an ad placement, cracking a whip (although very mildly) at a crawling woman, dancing in a club and something that resembles a strip joint! Geez, Pussy Galore, from the 007 movie Goldfinger, keeps popping up in my mind when I watched the video. It's really not bad, and she takes fans on bizarre trip, even in a pool with sharks! But I'm missing the glue that is supposed to keep all the images coherent.