DVD REVIEW! Madonna - MDNA World Tour

It is sad that Madonna fans in South Africa actually never had the chance of seeing the pop icon performing here - ever. So, the next best thing Madge fans can look forward to is her MDNA World Tour DVD. Although there was initial complaints the sound quality and some visual quality was of a substandard, the copy I got my hands on was good. As expected, Madonna delivers a show of note. The visuals, music and dancers will have your glued to the screen. What impressed me most about the show was how she mash certain songs with older hits and even include Lady Gaga's Born This Way in her song, Express Yourself. The only downside of this DVD is that she didn't include all the big hits as I would have like to hear. Revolver is one of those songs that could have been left out - it's not that of a big hit for her. The same goes for Erotic Candy Shop. A mash-up that could have been left off the set list. The true gems on here are the songs I'm Addicted, I'm A Sinner and the remix version of Give Me All Your Luvin'. And of course Madonna speaks her mind and is controversial as usual, and her visuals also had tongues wagging. But,it didn't put me off, I love the show, just a pity we never got a chance to see it in South Africa...The DVD also includes a documentary, MDNA Workshop.