Jack Parow gives you more Parow for your Pound!

South Africa’s most dangerous romantic Afrikaans rapper, Jack Parow, will pack a punch into 2014 with the release of his third full-length album in February.  Parow is taking it to the next-next-level with the new CD Nag van die Lang Pette.  It will be released as a double album showing off both his romantic and dangerous sides.  So lekker, more Parow for your Pound! The romantic side comes with Parow’s brand new compositions and older reworked acoustic songs. The reworked songs include Byellville, Eksie Ou, Tussen Stasies, Hard Partytjie Hou and other hits. Expect epic collaborations with Valiant Swart, Francois van Coke, Pierre Greeff and Mr. Cat & the Jackal.  Parow cruises into a new wide-open landscape with acoustic guitars, double bass, percussion and dark Blues riffs, which is a first for South African Hip Hop. The infamous dangerous side is represented pumping new beats and gevaaarlike collaborations that will make the old ladies scared.   Dirt Nasty, Francois van Coke, Klipwerf Boere Orkes, Rian Zietsman from Taxi Violence and PHFAT – are you excited yet?!