Lady Gaga claims her boyfriend is also "strange"

If you thought Applause singe Lady Gaga might be a bit, how shall we put it...weird, then here is another interesting little fact, the singe says her boyfriend Taylor Kinney is a "secret weirdo". The pop star has been dating the Chicago Fire actor since they met on the set of her 2011 music video for You & I. Mother Monster told American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in an interview scheduled to air on Monday that Taylor is a a "hidden weirdo." She explained that "he is extremely strange actually and we complement each other's weirdness. That's actually one of the first things he ever said to me. It's a Dr. Seuss quote that you find in someone else a compatible weirdness. And it was one of the first things he's said to me." The star remembers the first time the pair met. She was wearing a ridiculous costume and is still stumped as to why Taylor was attracted to her. "We were filming this scene where he's electrocuting me to bring me back to life to the woman that he once loved. I've got these pins sticking out of my head and I'm wearing cork and I got no hair and I'm bald. Why he found me attractive just completely behooves me," she laughed. She was stunned when their chemistry sparked on set. Taylor surprised her with a kiss and that was the start of their romance. Two years later, she says they're "best friends".