CD REVIEW! Seether 2002 - 2013

I've always been a stern supporter of local (South Africa) music, especially rock music. One of my favourite bands that emerged was Saron Gas, now known as Seether. I've seen them live several times, had the privilege of meeting and interviewing lead singer Shuan Morgan, have all their CDs, and now got my hands on their best of CD, Seether 2002 - 2013. It's an epic rock collection for Seether fans, and a perfect introduction for newbies to the band. Seether 2002-2013 is a 2-disc compilation album. The first disc will comprise of the band's well-known songs and singles, while the second disc will comprise of a cover of Veruca Salt's song Seether, the name of which the band is named after, 2 new studio tracks, along with unreleased demos, B-sides, and soundtrack songs. Although the CD is overall a freakin' hot release, there are a couple of songs that got me up and playing the air guitar - songs like Gasoline, Fine Again, Driver Under, Broken (with Amy Lee of Evanescence), Remedy, Rise Above This and the band's awesome cover of the Wham! song, Careless Whisper. Seriously guys, this is just of the best rock CDs I've ever heard. Honestly, a must have for fans of rock music!