HOT! Ross Jack's new music video for Home Safe

Ross Jack
Ross Jack, the young rapper who has shot in the musical stratosphere with his phenomenal cosmopolitan cross-over album, Notes from the Wild, is set to release his brand new music video for the hit-track, Home Safe – and if the aesthetic is on his other monster-hits such as Seven 45 and TV’s in the Swimming Pool is anything to go by – South Africans should get ready for a visual feast. Home Safe was recorded in London, with the award winning producer Pete "Boxsta" Martin, who has worked with the likes of Jessie J and the Sugababes. The flawless international production values had to be matched in quality by the visual elements in the video.  This is how Ross Jack and the brilliant production team who worked on this project came up with the concept of the video. It was important that the central theme of the song was translated into a visual story that made sense and that could transport the viewer to a different world as much as the song does. The bike- scenes were inspired by the idea of a gang of lost souls. Ross finds his way home back to the girl singing the chorus (beautifully sung by German-based, Australian rising star – Kat Vinter). Thereby the underlying theme is underscored. The young man returns to place of safety and comfort – he quite literally comes home… The video was shot in Irene, Pretoria by the brilliant team at Picture Tree Productions and was directed by Fausto Becatti. There was an enormous storm during the shoot and the team had to stop in the middle of scenes to avoid it – luckily this unexpected intervention by Mother Nature provided an incredible ambience, particularly in shots featuring the girl. The video for Home Safe is another notch in the meteoric career of this exceptional young talent, as his singles continue to reach number one spots on radio stations across the country. With yet another mesmerising video from this star of international quality – South Africans can expect even more brilliance from Ross Jack – he is not only the star of the moment, but also a formidable force that is set to change the musical landscape of our country with superb sounds, lyrics and visual elements.