5 Things not to do at a music concert

It's a new year which means an loads of music acts on their way to South Africa. For instance, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Eminem, Josh Stone, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren - the list is endless. But have you notice that it seems these days that people are not focusing on the act on stage anymore, but keeping themselves busy with other things, like the constant Facebook updates, Twitter updates on their phones while the show is in full swing? After attending quite a lot of shows in 2013, I'd though to make a list of what not to do at a concert.

1.Alcohol is good - puking is bad
Sometimes I wonder why people even bother to go to a concert if they going to get so flippin drunk that they either pass out or puke. Seriously? To have a couple of drinks at a show is normal, heck I love it, but I don't go bezerk and drink myself into a coma or puke over my fellow concert goers and then pass out. Why pay the money for the ticket if you can rather get drunk and unrudely at your house?

2. Talk talk talk
Music at a concert is loud, so it's hard to speak to your friends - you literally have to yell in their ears to let them hear what you have to say, but to do it constantly, not cool. If you were standing next to me at a concert and constantly talking to me, you'll get a smack. So be warned.

3. Sit Down
James released the awesome song Sit Down in the 90s, but to yell to people who are standing to Sit Down - how rude of you! They are there to enjoy themselves! If you want to be the grumpy old man (or lady) who would rather sit down at a concert, then you could have gotten yourselves some DVDs and watched it at home. Let the people who stand enjoy themselves. If you prefer to sit at a concert, be warned, tensions might just boil over between those who prefer to sit and those who stand infront of them. Come on, we all go to shows to enjoy ourselves.

4. Filming
At the recent Nickelback concert at GrandWest in Cape Town, there was this dude sitting with a small hand held recorder on his lap, filming the whole show. Seriously? You paid good money for the show, why sit and concentrate on what you are filming rather than sitting (or standing) and enjoying the show? FYI - it's illegal to film concerts (although everybody does it - but the quality sucks big time! Just go check some clips or full shows on YouTube).

5. Pictures and online activity
So, you paid a lot of money to go watch your favourite band. You are excited. In fact, so excited that you constantly take photos of the show - non-stop. It's irritating! And those with smart phones, what's up with constantly checking your emails, updating Facebook and updating Twitter. You are not at a technological convention. You are at a music concert! Put away the phones! Especially when the houselights go down and the act comes on stage, you just see the glimmering lights of poeple taking photos. So it seems that the smart phone has replaced the old lighter (as smoking is banned from concerts in the venue).